The Hornschuch Group Company Policy

As an internationally active surface specialist, we produce films and artificial leather. We market our products under the internationally known brands d-c-fix® and skai®.

Maximum customer satisfaction is the most important principle of our business activities. This is achieved by means of a holistic concept of quality, comprehensive service concept, and environmentally sound and energy-efficient production. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations. The continuous improvement of our processes includes all Hornschuch employees.

For us, quality refers to all of product-related characteristics and services which induce our customers to choose our products. In addition to product characteristics, quality also includes services, such as technical support during use and application.

We are dedicated to regularly checking and evaluating the effects of our actions on nature and the environment in order to reduce environmental impact or – where possible – to avoid it. The efficient use of resources as well as competent mastery of our processes limit emissions in the water, air, and soil. We have constant dialogue with customers, suppliers, and business partners and include them in our efforts toward sustainability, improved environmental protection, and optimized energy efficiency.

The Hornschuch Management System details quality management, environmental protection, and energy management.

Innovation is a major key for maintaining and increasing the competitiveness of the Hornschuch Group. The constant development of new products and designs based on the needs of our customers ensures our future.

Based on the continuous improvement process (CIP), the processes of the Hornschuch Group are constantly developed further and stabilize and optimize our value creation processes.

Satisfied customers are at the center of the efforts of all of our employees in optimizing quality, efficiency, work safety, and environmental protection.
The board and the management are aware of their social responsibility. This includes not only the fulfillment of compliance requirements, but also an effective risk management.

Every management employee considers the implementation of the company policy of the Hornschuch Group to be a personal obligation and contributes to the fulfillment of the company goals by means of regular information, continuous motivation, and goal-oriented advanced training of his or her employees.

The Hornschuch Management System is evaluated by the board at defined intervals for the purpose of implementing the company policy and achieving company goals.